upvc sash windowsVEKA installers offer some of the most technically advanced upvc products available in the market today.

All products are manufactured to the highest quality because all VEKA fabricators and installers choose to work with the most advanced window and door systems from VEKA plc. The first 'A' rated window in the UK was fabricated using a VEKA window system - a feat that some other window systems yet to equal.

When a fabricator or installer chooses high spec VEKA profile systems they illustrate a desire to be the best to offer quiality and value that will stand the test of time and be trouble free in use so there is a continuous chain of quality from raw materials, through fabrication and into your home.

VEKA installers have access to an extensive portfolio of outstanding upvc products including a range of energy-efficient windows, along with PVC-u and Composite doors, windows and conservatories in an unlimited number of colour options.

Before VEKA allows any of its products to be used, samples must undergo a series of punishing tests - including many years of exposure to extremes of temperature in the Nevada Desert and Swiss Alps. In this way, you can be sure that these products have been designed to withstand far worse weather than you would ever expect to see in England, Scotland,Wales or Ireland.

    Why NetworkVEKA?

  • A national network of member companies – all committed to upholding the same high standards.
  • An industry-leading package of guarantees – insurance backed for your peace of mind.
  • Every PVC-U frame made using the VEKA profile system – your assurance of quality from the very start.
  • A 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating measured by a poll of every single customer of every single member – that’s compared with a home improvement industry average of 83%.
  • Around 200,000 satisfied customers so far – every one a further assurance that you have made the right choice.
  • An established complaints procedure in the rare event that a customer has a concern –
    we’re not happy if you’re not!


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